Currently, security is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) estimate that more than 60,000 new officers will be required over the next year to meet the demand across the country.

Why the Demand?

The demand has surged for several reasons, firstly if you are in touch with current affairs, you will be aware of the huge increase in retail crime over recent months, rising by over 50% in many areas. Theft has increased but there has also been a worrying jump in the number of assaults and violence toward workers.

Theft from construction sites and warehouses has increased significantly since the cost-of-living crisis, organised crime has created a black market of goods for cash-strapped Brits to buy. Items that most people consider to be basics are being stolen and sold on.

Police forces across the country have struggled due to budget cuts, immediate responses are rare unless there is a threat to life. This had led to smaller businesses engaging professional security companies to protect their premises, goods and employees.

Another reason such a large increase in trained security personnel is required, is the imminent introduction of the Government’s Protect Duty bill, due to come into force in 2024. This is as a direct result of the Manchester Arena attack of 2017, it is a new law that requires businesses and organisations allowing access of more than 100 people to put together detailed risk assessments, emergency response and security plans involving trained professional Security and comprehensive staff training.

The bill is likely to include not only entertainment and leisure premises, but also retail concerns, eateries, museums, galleries, educational premises, places of worship, sports grounds, temporary events, festivals and hospitals. This list is endless and will require many more trained security officers.

How is this Demand being met?

Security businesses are working hard to get fully trained officers in place to meet the demand that is building across the UK. Unlike other industries that are freezing recruitment, working in security has become a great secure career choice. Young men and women are being encouraged to consider joining an industry that is crucial, interesting and ultimately fulfilling as a job choice.

Professional security companies like LSS London insist on employing only the highest calibre SIA licenced Security Officers. The job of a Security Officer demands professionalism, organisation, courtesy and the ability to deal with any emergency or situation with authority and calmness. A security officer needs to be a people person, a team player, able to assess body language and defuse disruptive behaviour.

LSS London have provided comprehensive security services to businesses, organisations, private residences and individuals across London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas for over 15 years.

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