As many residents across Hertfordshire are aware there has been a huge increase in car crime particularly in areas such as Bushey and Radlett.

Hertfordshire has many affluent areas which inevitably attracts criminals looking to steal luxury and high-performance cars. They are adept at accessing these vehicles quickly and are at times quite prepared to threaten anyone challenging them.

Hertsmere and St. Albans have recorded the most vehicle thefts in the past year increasing in excess of 22% compared to 2021. The Hertsmere and St. Albans policing area includes Harpenden, Potters Bar, Bushey, Borehamwood, Radlett and Redbourn.

These vehicles are usually taken to other areas of the country and ultimately shipped overseas. Recovery of such vehicles is unlikely and often no one is held accountable as catching these criminals in the act is rare and evidence is hard to pin down.

Most of the expensive high-end cars that are stolen are usually targeted and involve organised criminal gangs. These are stolen from the front of homes, often from drives or just parked outside. The thieves are bold, they have easily obtained equipment that can pick up signals from the key fob within your home. To try to protect yourself from this crime it is advisable to make sure keys are not visible through windows or doors. However, the best way of stopping criminals being able to pick up this signal is to keep your keys in a signal blocking pouch or box. Buy yours today from LSS London.

Lighting outside your home and cameras can be of benefit as a deterrent and perhaps any film may be of help when it comes to investigating a crime.

Car crime has increased for numerous reasons. As budgets are being squeezed across the country there is a notable increase in all forms of crime. The value of metal has rocketed and therefore parts of cars containing expensive metal are very profitable to thieves. Hertfordshire has in fact the highest rate of metal theft in England and Wales.

It is a fact that nearly half of all vehicle crime incidents reported, where items have been stolen from a vehicle, have happened because the door had been left unlocked. Checking you have secured your vehicle is a simple way of avoiding becoming a victim.

Leaving personal items, including loose change and sunglasses will also encourage a thief to break into your vehicle.

Across many areas of Hertfordshire theft from vans continues to be a regular occurrence. If you drive a van please consider removing tools overnight, possibly fit added locks and a tool safe if it is not possible to remove equipment. Also try not to park in an isolated area. It is advisable to engrave or mark your tools so if they are recovered at a later stage you are more likely to get them back. This can also be a deterrent to selling them on.

If you need advice or just a chat about any concerns you may have regarding home and vehicle security, please call LSS London – our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help.