Warehouse and storage facilities are big business. Over recent years more businesses have moved online, many ceasing to keep physical shops. E-commerce is thriving with products that the consumer can buy at the click of a button and have delivered to their home.

Businesses large and small have turned to storage facilities to store and dispatch their orders, these vary from huge distribution centres to smaller storage units for start-ups and smaller concerns.
Warehouse security and management is paramount as goods are the primary asset for most businesses. It is essential that companies know their goods are well protected and that their stock levels are accurate, so the goods are available to be sent out to customers quickly and efficiently.

Inventory Management

Warehouse inventory management tracks goods, streamlines orders and re-orders from suppliers, good management will help drive profitability for a business.
Inventory management also tracks losses that can impact a business. These losses are known as shrinkage, this could mean badly stored items being damaged, theft or out-of-date products which can no longer be sold for profit. Shrinkage is bad for every business and needs action and strict control swiftly to prevent future loss.

Some businesses use electronic tagging called RFID which keeps an electronic track of every item, this allows for inventory to be checked often and easily.


Every warehouse needs a first-class security system. There are several ways to protect goods which a professional security company like LSS can advise on in detail.

Perimeter Security

Access into a warehouse area must be secure at all times. During the day it is imperative that only authorised personnel are admitted. This could be via an electronic system or with a static security guard checking people in and out of the premises. The advantages to a physical guard are plentiful, they can screen visitors, watch for unusual behaviour, deter thieves and allow authorised deliveries.

A static guard can also implement an organised or random search of personnel, sadly internal theft is a big factor in loss within warehouse facilities.

Keeping a log of personnel in and out of the warehouse means that should loss or theft occur the information is available on who was present during the loss.

CCTV & Alarms

Surveillance cameras are a great deterrent to would-be thieves. It is important that these are placed in the right areas both outside and internally, a security company will advise as to the best positions for these. With their high resolution, these cameras provide excellent video evidence in the case of a prosecution.

Alarms connected to CCTV and in turn security companies mean that if an alarm is activated there is an immediate response by security personnel. These security specialists are trained to deal with any emergency including apprehending thieves and attending when a fire alarm is activated to prevent loss of goods where possible. A professional security company will secure a property if it has been broken into or has been damaged by fire, and will liaise with police or emergency services in the event of an incident, a valuable service 24 hours a day.

Cages & Vaults

High-value goods require additional protection as these may be targeted by organised gangs. Cages and vaults add an extra layer of security within a warehouse, allowing only authorised personnel entry when required.

Staff Awareness

All personnel should be given regular training on security protocol. Advising employees to follow security guidance and challenge individuals that are unknown to them is good practice. A good line of communication from management to all personnel will help protect goods, speaking with warehouse staff and listening to their concerns over security issues will without doubt strengthen security measures.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments should be conducted regularly, businesses change over time, and security may require adjusting or updating. It is possible to do this in-house, but a professional security company may well highlight something that has been overlooked.

Emergency Response Plan

Every business needs to have an emergency response plan in place, this relates to fire, flood, theft, terrorism and natural disaster. A professional security company can put in place a plan for all personnel to follow should an incident occur; their security personnel can assist in actioning this plan either with an onsite security guard in place or they can send a rapid response team to the location.

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