Security matters in every business and as each business has different needs, how do you know what is right for your company or organization?

It is the number one priority for all businesses to protect their personnel, assets and customers. A business’s success and reputation can be influenced by its security. All employees and customers need to feel secure, and stock, goods, and property must be protected.

Many businesses rethink their security measures when an incident occurs, it may involve theft or a threat to personnel, for instance. It is essential for every business to be addressing their security arrangements at least annually, as risk can change over time. A business may have too little security or be paying for more than it requires.

A professional security company knows precisely what is required by gathering all the information about your business regarding individuals and property, this is referred to as a risk assessment.

The first step to protecting your business is to speak with a professional security business that employs SIA-licenced security officers. The company will visit you and any relevant business sites to evaluate the level of security that your business needs.

There are many factors to consider in the risk assessment. An assessment examines the type of business, its location, and the number of employees, contractors, and customers on-site. The risk assessment survey will look at what the business produces or sells and if there is stock or goods on the premises that is desirable and beneficial to a thief.

A security expert is trained to identify a business’s weaknesses, this could involve the premises or the general day-to-day operations of the business. Every business requires a tailored package of security measures, which will vary depending on the specific needs of the business.

A professional security firm will require a risk assessment before engaging with any company. To safeguard your business, there must be a detailed plan determining what measures can be taken to ensure that the business is secure. These could include:

  • Examine the premises and perimeter to locate any potential areas that may be accessible to criminals.
  • Is CCTV a viable option?
  • What type of alarm systems are in place and are they functioning and up to date?
  • Does the premises require a 24-hour manned guard, or would a mobile security patrol be more suitable?
  • Is the reception or entrance area suitably manned to deter undesirables?
  • Is there a requirement for employees to be monitored to prevent theft?
  • Who is in charge if any emergency arises, is there a suitable plan of action?
  • When it comes to keyholding, would it be advantageous to have a security company provide a keyholding service that would provide an immediate response with trained security personnel out of hours, keeping business owners and managers out of harm’s reach?

LSS London have been protecting businesses across North London, Hertfordshire and the home counties for over 15 years. We are trusted keyholders for hundreds of businesses and have an information sharing agreement with the police, this puts us in the best position to advise business owners on local crime trends that may impact their business. Call our friendly team of security experts to find out how we can protect your business. We offer a free risk assessment survey, and you will be surprised to know that our services start from as little as £2 a day for our keyholding service. Call us on 0330 1330 226 today.