As a business owner, it is essential that you have effective security measures in place to safeguard your assets. You may have good locks and an alarm system to secure your premises, but have you considered what would happen if an alarm were to be activated out of hours? The unwelcome prospect of attending an alarm activation by yourself or one of your managers can be at best a nuisance and at worse a danger if criminal activity is afoot.

LSS London provide a keyholding service that gives peace of mind to a business owner. As a professional security firm, we will securely store a set of keys and any alarm activation codes to a business, so in the event of an alarm activation, our uniformed security personnel can attend the premises without delay.

Keyholding services can be enhanced with CCTV systems and security patrols, these services can protect a business before a crime is committed.

Keyholding is a service that can be of benefit to a business in many ways.

  • Rapid response to alarm activation 24/7.
  • Keeping you or your employees safe, an out-of-hours call out could present a danger to life.
  • This service can be extended to having a security officer open and close your premises each day, several employees having sets of keys can be a security and insurance issue.
  • Our security personnel can be available to allow maintenance or tradespeople into a premises and can remain on-site to ensure the business and contents are secure.

In the event of a false alarm, a break-in or a fire alarm activation, a trusted keyholding company will have all the emergency contacts and alarm codes necessary to make any situation less stressful for a business owner. It is imperative that an incident is attended immediately to prevent further loss to a business.

All LSS London security officers are SIA-licenced and highly trained in all aspects of security. They can apprehend a criminal on site to be handed over to the police, liaise with the emergency services as required and provide a detailed report on any incident.

LSS London are trusted keyholders to hundreds of businesses across London and the South East and can provide a cost-effective security package tailored to suit both needs and budget. Our Commercial Keyholding Service is from only £2 a day, for more information get in touch with one of our security experts.