In the fast-moving world of technology surveillance equipment has become both easily accessible and inexpensive. A lot of this equipment, like security cameras, protects what is important to us both in our personal lives and professional lives.

 There are however other types of surveillance that are cause for concern for individuals and businesses.  A bugging device can be a hidden microphone or camera that is installed in a home, office or vehicle without the knowledge of the individuals being recorded.

These devices are readily available to purchase online, they are cheap, and anyone can buy them legally.

Why would someone bug my home?

To have your home bugged is a huge invasion of your privacy, the thought of someone watching or listening to everything you do is horrifying. There could be several reasons that this could happen to you, some more sinister than others:

  • A relationship breakdown could lead to your ex-partner bugging your home looking for ways to make life difficult by finding out what you are up to.
  • An unscrupulous landlord may want to keep an eye on what you do inside the property.
  • A business colleague or competitor may want to hear what is being said about anything work-related.

Why would someone bug my office?

The office is one of the most bugged places.  There are many reasons a bug may be planted in an office and all of them can be worrying for both the business and the employee:

  • Bugs can be placed by competitors seeking information to damage the company or steal ideas and clients for their own gain.
  • Corporate espionage is a huge concern for businesses. This is when employees plant bugs to gather information that can be sold to competitors or journalists.
  • Employers may install bugs to watch over their workforce.  An employer is allowed to monitor computer and phone use but the employee must be made aware of any tracking. However, it is illegal to either listen to or film an employee in their workplace without their knowledge.

Why would someone bug my vehicle?

We have all heard of vehicle trackers, a bug in a vehicle is exactly this. A tracker can be easily attached to the underside of a car or van to keep an eye on when the vehicle is being used and where it is going. Businesses have been doing this with commercial vehicles for some time, company cars can also have trackers attached and this is legal as long as the employee knows it is there.

There are a few reasons someone may put a tracker on your vehicle without your knowledge which is illegal. It could be that a controlling partner or ex-partner is keeping tabs on any journeys you make, or perhaps an employer wants to make sure you are not using their vehicle for personal use.

How easy is it to plant a bug?

A surveillance bug can be tiny, the stuff of a James Bond movie. It can be hidden with ease in a phone, electric socket or computer mouse. An ornament, household plant, clock or a simple pen could be used to disguise the bug.

How can I find a bug in my home or workplace?

It is virtually impossible to find a bug without sophisticated electronic equipment. The fact that these bugs are so small makes them incredibly hard to see and they could be hidden inside anything electrical which would mean taking everything apart. It is best to get in touch with a company specialising in bug sweeping. LSS London has highly trained security officers who have the equipment and knowledge to sweep homes and offices and detect any devices on the premises.

If you feel you may be being bugged, please call us at LSS London. Your privacy and peace of mind are of paramount importance to you and to us.