Hotel security guards are essential to keep the entire premises safe for guests, staff and hotel owners. Hotels have many people entering and exiting at all times of the day and night, making it easy for criminals to gain access and blend in with the guests. They are attractive establishments for thieves who rely on guests leaving cash, jewellery and other valuables unattended in their rooms.

Hotels often provide facilities for conferences, meetings and functions which bring in a lot of visitors. Many hotels have restaurants, bars and gyms which are frequented by non-residents. This can all add up to a lot of foot traffic, and monitoring everyone on the premises is a huge undertaking by just reception staff alone.

Professional security companies like LSS London provide highly trained security officers who can cover entrances and reception areas and can be the first point of contact with visitors. Security guards are beneficial to patrol both interior areas and exterior grounds to stop intruders from gaining access.

Another popular option for many hotels is to engage a security concierge service which combines the roles of a receptionist and a security guard. This a cost-effective way of giving your visitors a first-class welcome experience together with security at the front-of-house.

A security officer can work alongside hotel employees providing great threatening behaviour towards staff and guests. They have the appropriate skills to apprehend any individual caught stealing, causing harm to people or property, and can either detain a criminal until the police arrive or remove a person from the premises.

In the case of an emergency, a professional security officer is highly trained and able to respond quickly to manage crowd control and aid evacuations, they can assist in searches and liaising with the emergency services when required.     

A security officer is always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour, their primary function is to protect people and property. Just their presence deters criminals, for lawbreakers knowing there is someone on site that can apprehend them immediately can be enough to stop them pursuing criminal activity on the premises.

For a hotel manager, the safety of visitors is an absolute priority, rarely are managers or any other employees trained to handle criminality on the premises. Employees are unlikely to want to engage with a thief or disruptive individual for fear of getting hurt. There is the option of calling the police, but police cutbacks are likely to mean that unless there is a threat to life the response can be slow.  Staff turnover in hotels is often high and keeping up with training in the case of an emergency can be challenging, a professional security company can alleviate that concern.

LSS London have been entrusted to protect hundreds of businesses from trespass, theft and vandalism and we can tailor a security package that suits both your hotel and your budget. Safeguarding the premises and your guests can protect not only your business but your reputation for a safe establishment for visitors.

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