HGV Escort Security

Protect precious and valuable cargo with LSS London's HGV Escorts and Security. Our experienced, SIA trained and licensed officers offer high-visibility security for the duration of your journey across the UK and Europe, preventing potential hijackings and theft.
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Covering the UK & Europe

Short & Long Haul Precious Cargo Protection

Our security vehicles and personnel escort shipments of all shapes and sizes, regardless of value. For small items we offer an onboard carrier service if required. For larger shipments such as HGV’s and articulated lorries, our trained security drivers will escort your shipment from A to B across the UK and Mainland Europe.

When high value items and shipment security is of paramount importance, especially during regulation driving breaks when static vehicles become vulnerable to thieves, whether opportunistic or pre-planned and coordinated, our patrol vehicles and staff are with you every step of the journey. We provide not only a visual deterrent but also a rapid response service in the event of an emergency.

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Why use LSS London to protect your cargo

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  • SIA trained security personnel
  • Both Hi-Vis & discreet vehicles
  • Highly experienced drivers
  • Specialising in cargo protection
  • Covering the UK & Europe
  • Complete peace of mind
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