Premium Residential Patrol Schemes

Premium Residential Patrol Schemes are reserved exclusively for smaller, more concentrated areas such as private communities, estates or developments and affluent single roads or streets looking to benefit from a constant security presence with unrivalled response times.

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How are LSS Premium Patrol Schemes different from other LSS Security Patrols?

Whilst our standard, non-scheme Residential Security Patrols are comprehensive, they are generally deployed over larger areas or towns. This means non-scheme members still enjoy 12 or 24-hour Alarm Response, Key Holding and a high-visibility patrol unit presence at regular intervals, however, Premium Patrol Schemes are reserved exclusively for smaller, more concentrated areas that stand to greatly benefit from an increased security presence, along with much quicker response times.

LSS Premium Patrol Schemes are set up exclusively for single roads, private developments and more affluent neighbourhoods at increased risk of burglary and vehicle theft. Rather than a single patrol unit covering several square miles, Premium Patrol Schemes benefits from a constant patrol presence as the patrol unit is not required to move on to other areas throughout the patrol period.

In essence, Premium Patrol Scheme Members experience complete peace of mind through a greatly increased Security Patrol presence, significantly faster response times and a number of exclusive benefits reserved for Scheme Members only.

Patrol Schemes are only viable with the required level of household participation in your area. Heavily discounted rates are available upon increased participation as detailed below.

  • High Visibility LSS Patrol Vehicles
  • High Visibility SIA Licensed Officers
  • Greatly Increased Patrol Presence
  • High Visibility LSS Security Signage
  • Regular & Irregular Patrol Routes
  • Property Perimeter Checks
  • Trespasser & Unwanted Guest Removal
  • Direct Telephone No. to Local Patrol
  • Rapid Alarm Response Service
  • Key Holding Service
  • Meet & Greet Service
  • Wheelie Bin Put-out & Return Service
  • Parcel/Delivery Collect & Secure Service
  • Holiday Cover with Increased Property Checks
  • Liaise with Police & Neighbourhood Watch Groups
  • FREE Panic Button App


Whilst the service level for our Premium Security Patrol Schemes far exceeds our other patrol services, Premium Security Patrols can offer excellent value when enough households opt-in for participation. Schemes have a set cost per month, varying according to how many hours per day the patrol is active, for example, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours per day, however, the total cost of the scheme remains the same. The total cost of the scheme is shared between the participating households meaning that the more households there are signed up, the less each household pays per month.

For example, if 80 households were to sign up in a single area, the total price per month would be less, per household, than our Standard Security Patrol. Superior Service Levels at a much lower monthly cost.

Adjust the calculator to view our guide pricing for Premium Security Patrol Schemes.

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Patrols active on bank holidays are charged at double the standard daily rate. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Service is billed monthly via Direct Debit unless agreed otherwise.

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Patrol Scheme Details

Premium Residential Patrol Schemes

How it works

Step 1
Complete the form with the information regarding your required patrol scheme.
Step 2
Upon completion, an LSS representative will contact you, typically within 24 hours. We'll discuss your scheme requirements and answer any questions you may have about our service.
Step 3
At this stage we may arrange a full survey of the area and subsequent to requirements and agreed participation numbers, members will be invited to set up a direct debit to initiate the scheme. Schemes can be set up and patrols active within 24 hours of sign up.

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