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LSS London have partnered with Protection Dogs Worldwide to offer its clients with elite family protection dogs that are specially bred and expertly trained to provide security to you and your family 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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World Class Protection dogs for your home, family and asset security.

We are driven by our passion to provide a bespoke service for every client, and make special efforts to get to know you and your family so that we can understand your individual needs. We enjoy working with clients to find them the ideal family protection dog, which transition as seamlessly into their home. We maintain an honest and realistic policy and deliver every time.

A family protection dog is far from the stereotypical guard dog. They are trained to protect their handler and family on command, and within specific threat scenarios. While it must be able to immediately transform from a companion to guardian, it also has to be able to revert to its previous state just as quickly, again on command. Its obedience levels must be immediate, and the dog should be happy to follow commands without aversion or question.

Partnership Benefits

Wide range of breeds

From Doberman’s, Rottweilers and German Shepherds to Cane Corso, Giant Schnauzers and Boxers, we successfully offer a wide range of dogs for different requirements.

Increased Availability

Our partnership allows us to provide clients with protection dogs faster and more frequently than ever before. Dogs are available all year round for both sale & hire.

Elite Training

The Protection Dogs Worldwide team employ some of the finest animal handlers and dog trainers in the UK, training family protection dogs to working security K9’s.

International Supply

Our partnership with world renowned K9 breeders, Protection Dogs Worldwide, allows us to deploy the finest security dogs to countries all across the world.

Obedience Training

Obedience is a key part of a successful dog’s protection training. All our protection dogs are obedience trained for seamless integration into family and work life.

Full After-care

A huge part of elite breeding services is the after-care offered upon successful rearing. Every dog released by us is fully supported by comprehensive after-care service.

Child Safe

Every we breed is trained to the absolute highest standards and as a result is taught, without compromise, to live with children and non-threatening adults.

Total Peace of Mind

Backed by the Worldwide Protection Dogs aftercare guarantee, our protection dogs can provide one of the most effective forms of security, providing total peace of mind.

Animal Welfare Guaranteed

LSS believe in the responsible breeding of all dogs and places animal welfare at the forefront of every operation. The health and wellbeing of our dogs is paramount in allowing us to deliver clients ethically trained, healthy K9’s. Our team of experienced handlers and trainers are passionate in the fight against animal cruelty and believe every animal should be awarded the care and respect it deserves.


The right dog for you

A dog’s personal traits are far more important in allowing it to progress through our training programme, and a dog must also be able to fit its family’s lifestyle. It is always advisable to spend time with different breeds of dogs, as well as individual dogs to ensure that the fit is appropriate for all parties. Protection training utilises a dog’s natural prey drive, and develops their focus on perpetrators rather than training aids and equipment. Scenario-based training is essential for the success of your family protection dogs, and we routinely utilise home environments to prove a dog’s behaviour before selling them to clients.

Throughout the matching process, the dog’s welfare is always a key concern. We will only part ways with a dog if a lasting relationship with the client is guaranteed, and an after-care regime follows every purchase. This is to ensure the happiness of both the dog, and the client. We do not view training dogs as a sport and would never place a sporting dog in a family home. This is bad practice, and morally wrong.

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