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Trespass Rapid Response Solution

ProResponse+ is a ground-breaking home security solution designed to tackle trespassers the minute they step onto your property. State-of-the-art technology sends real-time alerts to your nearest LSS Patrol Unit should the sensors around your home be triggered. Upon activation, our Rapid Response service is deployed to your property within seconds.
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Cost-Effective, Wireless Trespass & Anti-Theft System

Cost effective, reliable external protection that’s easy to install and tough to evade. Individually tailored, home and garden permitter protection with instant app generated alerts to your local LSS security patrol officers, as well as your phone.

Enable as required by wireless panel in your home or by app. No cabling required. Long battery life. Includes two sensor units and can be combined with CCTV units and existing home alarm systems or used as a standalone system.

Fully installed and maintained by our engineers.

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Key Features

Full managed service

Fully Managed Service

ProResponse+ is a complete service meaning you don’t need to sign up with different companies to enjoy complete protection.

Anti-trespass technology using invisible detection perimeters

Invisible Perimeter

ProResponse+ Sensors can be calibrated to cover large or small areas as required from driveways and gardens to small foot paths.

Existing System Friendly

ProResponse+ can be configured alongside existing digital CCTV and home alarm systems so no need to replace your current system.

Turn on your sensor system remotely

Enable Sensors Remotely

Activate your system from anywhere. Whether you’re at work, on holiday or in bed, control the system via your mobile device.

Pet Motion Friendly

ProResponse+ systems are specially designed to ignore animal movements, ensuring maximum security with minimal interference.

Remote footage monitoring with ProRespose+

Remote Video Monitoring

ProResponse+ sensors can be partnered with CCTV cameras which allow you to monitor your home in the event an alarm is triggered.

Real-time updates to your local residential security patrol

Real-time Update to LSS

Share your ProResponse+ alerts with your local LSS Residential Security Patrol who can monitor situations as they arise or develop.

Rapid Response team callouts to alarm activations

Rapid Response Callout

In the event a trespasser enters your property, your local LSS Residential Patrol team can attend your property without delay.

Gone in 18 seconds

Did you know that it can take a thief as little as 18 seconds to steel many modern day vehicles. By prioritising convenience over safety, vehicle makers have made it easier for thieves to steal your car by using relay boxes that can lengthen the signal produced by your key and trick the vehicle into thinking you’re near by. Find out more about Keyless Entry Vehicle Theft here.


How does it work?

When triggered, your LSS ProResponse+ sensor system will automatically send our closest LSS Patrol Unit a real-time notification which we act upon, immediately – arriving at your property in a matter of seconds, without delay or the need to contact us. When paired with a LSS ProResponse+ CCTV unit, our system will provide our personnel with a live image feed to keep a constant visual on the situation. Upon arrival we will apprehend the intruder until the police arrive to carry out arrests or further investigations.
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How ProResponse+ Sensors and LSS Rapid Response System Works
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How it works

Step 1
Register your interested by completing the form, making sure to select your local Patrol Area. Whilst ProResponse+ is currently only available inside our Patrol Areas, with enough participation LSS will continue to roll out across new neighbourhoods.
Step 2
Within 24 hours (typically within 2 hours) an LSS officer will contact you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have about the service.
Step 3
Upon subscribing, we’ll arrange a convenient date to visit your home and install your new system. Our technicians will end by demonstrating how your new ProResponse+ system works and how to get the most out of your new service. 

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