Residential Keyholding

LSS London are trusted key holders across London and the South East. Leaving your home empty for even a few days can be a huge concern, therefore engaging a local key holding service is a reassuring solution. Having a keyholding company protecting your assets 24/7 offers peace of mind whilst you are away either on holiday or business. A keyholding service can be a cost effective asset all year through providing many services useful in your busy life.
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Residential Keyholding

Trust us to protect your home when you can’t be there

When you are away from your home for any reason our keyholding service adds a comforting layer of security. You can be assured that should an alarm activate day or night, LSS will respond, and when required despatch our highly trained SIA qualified security personnel to your property without delay. LSS London not only provide an alarm response, we are there for other services you may require, such as to allow tradesmen and service companies into your property whilst maintaining the security of your home.

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Residential Keyholding Benefits

Alarm Response

When an alarm is activated at your home, we are instantly able to respond. If it is a fire alarm, we will liaise with the fire service. If an intruder alarm is triggered, we will immediately despatch a SIA qualified security officer. Our security personnel are highly trained and able to apprehend and detain anyone unlawfully on the property before contacting the police. We will call a given emergency contact and secure the property.

Services Access

We can attend your property to allow access for tradesmen and services as required, this can save you valuable time. You can also be assured that your property and contents remain safe and secure whilst any work is being done within your home. We protect your property and valuables as if they were our own.

Emergency Contacts

As trusted key holders, we are able to securely keep a list of contacts and alarm codes. In the event of an emergency, it is a huge advantage to have this important information to hand should you be uncontactable. If a false alarm is triggered, having the reset codes instantly available is imperative.

Security Patrol Checks

LSS London as a security and keyholding company have high visibility vehicles and uniformed patrol officers who create a visible deterrent to criminals. If required we can send our security personnel to check your property randomly or at set times. We can access the property if need be and ensure all is well.

Any Time, Any Situation

Tailored Residential Keyholding

LSS London recognises that your home security needs are as individual as you are, therefore we are able to offer a key holding service to reflect this. You may want to protect your family home, alternatively you may have a second home that is often vacant and not close by. Perhaps you have a portfolio of properties or you are a landlord and require either long term or short term keyholding services. Whatever type of residential property you own we have a keyholding service to fit your needs.

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What is key holding?

A keyholding company protects homeowners by keeping a spare set of keys and a list of alarm codes to your property. The keys are securely stored, and the service provides 24 hour assistance, alarm response and security. Engaging a professional company, instead of relying on a neighbour or friend to be your keyholder, ensures that professional security personnel are immediately available to deal with any alarm response. Our highly trained operatives will liaise with the police and have contractors on call to secure your property if necessary. This means you are not putting friends or loved ones in a difficult or even dangerous situation if an intruder is present.

Why do I need a keyholding service?

If an alarm is activated day or night there is a need for someone with access to property keys and alarm codes to attend. This of course can be an issue if you or other keyholders are not in the area. As a local keyholding company, we at LSS London we can instantly despatch a security officer to the property. Our SIA qualified security personnel are train to deal with any situation including when confronting an intruder if still in the property. Being a key holding company we can also be there to let tradesmen and service providers into your property as and when needed, saving you valuable time. And of course we are there when you simply forget or lose your keys. (A locksmith charges on average £70 a callout just to open the door!)

Residential Keyholding from only £1 per day
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Residential Keyholding

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