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Looking to gain real-world security experience and boost your chances of finding your dream security job? SecurityPass+ by LSS has been designed to assist newly qualified security personnel obtain invaluable experience from a range of live sectors across the private security landscape.

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Intensive 2-day programme offering real-world security job experience for SIA qualified individuals seeking employment

Whilst an SIA license is a standard entry requirement for employment, experience is one of the biggest factors employers look to when hiring new security personnel. Acquiring this necessary on-the-job experience can be difficult. Candidates often find themselves caught in a cycle of rejection through lack of previous employment in a similar role. This cycle continues indefinitely until an employer agrees to hire a candidate of no experience.

SecurityPass+ by LSS has been created to bridge the gap between inexperience and employment by exposing candidates to a live working environment, guided by a heavily experienced LSS SecurityPass+ mentor.

Our SecurityPass+ mentors offer unrivalled access to a wealth of experience from both commercial and domestic security settings. The hands-on, two-day sessions offer newly qualified SIA badge holders the opportunity to shadow LSS security teams, as they undertake day-to-day security details for actual clients. This invaluable exposure to the daily workings of a successful private security contractor holds the key to potential employment within the security industry.

Where viable, LSS will offer outstanding candidates their first employment role should they meet the necessary requirements.* Should there be no current job vacancies available, LSS will offer those who complete SecurityPass+, a certificate of excellence, along with an employment reference to present to hiring security firms.

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What does SecurityPass+ include?

  • Two-day intensive course
  • Certificate of Excellence on completion
  • Potential offer of employment
  • Accompany an experienced LSS Mentor as they visit a range of commercial and domestic premises carrying out contracted services including:
    • Key Holding and Lockup services
    • Security Alarm/System Callouts
    • Rapid Response Callouts
    • Security Patrol Details
    • Static Guard & Access Management
    • K9 Security Patrols
    • Vacant Property Protection
    • Perimeter Checks
    • Client Liaison
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Personal Safety
    • Staff Management

Support from an experienced LSS Mentor

“At LSS we often hear of applicants who have failed to gain employment due to a lack of experience in a similar role. We believe individual qualities are as important, if not more so, than experience when it comes to security jobs. Whilst experience is valuable, given the right guidance and training ‘experience’ can be gained quickly and effectively, in a working environment that encourages initiative and solid decision-making.

SecurityPass+ was designed to share the insight and values of a market-leading security company so that newly qualified SIA badge holders can break into the industry with a solid foundation of knowledge and real-world experience.

We’re delighted with the success SecurityPass+ has had so far as we continue to assist candidates secure employment from security companies around the UK.”

Stuart Smith
Operations Manager and LSS Mentor

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“Despite being a hardworking, dedicated individual, I found it very difficult to get a job with companies constantly highlighting my lack of experience as the main issue. I couldn’t gain experience if no one would employ me first but within a week of completing SecurityPass+ I was offered two jobs from the two different companies and I can’t thank Stuart at LSS enough. The course provided hands-on experience rather than theory or classroom-based learning and being able to ask Stuart questions all day really helped expand my knowledge. I can’t recommend SecurityPass+ enough to anyone having a hard time finding a job in the security business.”

Mustafa Ali

“I found SecurityPass+ to be extremely insightful, gaining knowledge in areas I hadn’t previously considered and having the opportunity to ask questions on the job was really useful. We drove around to various sites across Hertfordshire and North London undertaking different tasks including a night patrol and I’m actually really surprised at how much I was able to take on board in just 2 days. I’m really thankful to LSS not only for the opportunity but also for offering me my first security role at the end of it.”

Craig Benson
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To apply to SecurityPass+, please fill out the form below as accurately as possible. A member of our team will get back to you to discuss your individual circumstances and share further details of the course.

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How it works

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Complete the form with your personal information
Step 2
Upon successful application to the SecurityPass+ programme, a member of our team will contact you to discuss any questions you may have, arrange payment and book in your course dates.
Step 3
Upon satisfactory completion of the 2 day course, you will be presented with a certification of completion and further support to help you gain successful employment within the security industry.

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* Important Information

Your two-day session can be completed over two consecutive days or any 2 days, non-consecutively so long as they are carried out within a 30-day period, subject to mentor availability.

LSS SecurityPass+ Certificate is not an industry-recognised qualification but rather a demonstration of exposure to a live working environment.

LSS SecurityPass+ does not offer a guarantee of employment.

LSS SecurityPass+ fee is non-refundable.

LSS SecurityPass+ fee will be reimbursed to the individual if they are offered permanent employment by LSS London and the individual remains an employee for a minimum of 90 days.

Enrolment into LSS SecurityPass+ is subject to availability.